Our Vision:
A healthcare system that achieves health equity for all Pennsylvanians.

Our Mission:
Build a healthcare system that promotes health equity by ensuring access to integrated behavioral, physical and oral healthcare services to all Pennsylvanians.

Operational strategy 1:
Build a healthcare system that optimizes patient experience, improves public health outcomes, minimizes unnecessary health care costs and sustains care team well-being.

Operational strategy 2: Advocate for whole-person primary care (WPPC) as the foundation of our high-functioning health care system.

Operational strategy 3: Enact payment reforms and system redesign that facilitate meaningful integration of physical health, behavioral health, substance use, oral health services.

About the Coalition

Formed in January 2018, the Coalition for the CommonHealth is comprised of leaders in behavioral and physical health care, as well as representatives from local government and patients and advocates working together to promote Whole Person Primary Care (WPPC) in Pennsylvania.