Coalition for the CommonHealth
Steering Committee

Jeffrey Bechtel
Senior Vice President, Health Economics & Policy
The Hospital and Health system Association of PA

Troy Brindle, LCSW  (Co-chair, Innovation Task Force)
Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer for Access Services and National Vice President of Behavioral Health Integration for Refresh Mental Health

David Dinich (Co-chair, Workforce Development Task Force)
Pennsylvania Psychiatric Leadership Council

Richard S. Edley, PhD
Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association 

Anna Kennedy (Co-chair, Innovation Task Force)
Executive Director, Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation
Pennsylvania Health Funders Collaborative 

Tanya C. Leshko (Co-chair, Public Policy Task Force)

Senior Attorney 
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC 

Dan McGrory
Consultant to PPLC 

Stan Mrozowski (Co-chair, Workforce Development Task Force)

Consultant to PPLC 

Brinda K Penyak
Deputy Director County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania
Executive Director PA Association of County Human Services Administrators 

Cheri Rinehart
Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers 

Deborah Shoemaker (Co-chair, Public Policy Task Force)
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society 

Molly Talley (Co-chair, Whole Person Primary Care Task Force)

Director, Resident & Student Initiatives
PA Academy of Family Physicians    

Kenneth Thompson, MD (Co-chair, )

Pennsylvania Psychiatric Leadership Council 

Sally Walker
Director, Administrative Unit
Behavioral Health Alliance of Rural Pennsylvania 

Lloyd G. Wertz, M.S.
Vice-President, Policy and Program Development
Family Training and Advocacy Center   

Connell O’Brien
Coalition for the CommonHealth