Whole Person Primary Care

Public Voice Task Force

Coalition Task Force Groups

The Innovation Task Force promotes a broad range of innovative whole person health care offered across the Commonwealth. Their 2019 report  documented a long list of innovative practices from across Pennsylvania worth sharing. Stay tuned for future educational webinars and presentations to help professionals adopt these models in their communities.

This task force developed the definition of whole person primary care (WPPC) for the coalition and advocates for the definition to be adopted and incorporated into policies and services within the PA Department of Human Services and PA Department of Health.

The Public Voice Task Force engages patients, families, caregivers and advocates in the work of the Coalition to deliver reform that values the health and well being of individuals, families and communities.

This Task Force advocates for updating and streamlining the regulations governing the delivery of integrated physical, behavioral and oral health services in the Commonwealth.

This Task Force is studying the state of clinical workforce needed to provide whole person primary care in Pennsylvania, particularly in rural areas. Find resources from their November program on workforce issues here.

The Public Policy Task Force provides education and expertise to policy makers and the public to highlight issues that impact physical, oral and behavioral health care services across the Commonwealth.

Modernizing Regulations

Workforce Development

Public Policy